Shower Gel Kit

Shower Gel Kit

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Make your very own shower gel at a fraction of the cost of the department stores.  Making shower gel using or delux base is easy and fun. Choose your fragrance and colour from the drop down above. This kit comes with everything you need to make 8 bottles of gel. Makes the perfect gift for your shower loving friends.

Kit Contains

2ltr Shower Gel Base

Polysorbate 20

Fragrance Oil

Liquid Soap Colour

8 x luxury Boston Shower Gel Bottles

8 x Threaded Disc Cap with Sleeved Wall



Pour 1ltr of Bath Bomb World Shower Gel Base in a plastic jug with pouring spout. In a small beaker, add 15 mL of Mango Fandango Fragrance Oil and 75 ml of polysorbate 20. Mix well. (We recommend using a mini cordless milk frother, but a spoon will work). Pour the fragrance mixture into the shower gel. Incorporate the fragrance into the shower gel with a spatula.  Add one drop of red liquid color to the shower gel. Mix to evenly distributed the color. Pour the shower gel into  bottles..