Mermaid Tail Foaming Bath Whip Kit

Mermaid Tail Foaming Bath Whip Kit

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This Kit Includes

1 kilo Bath Bomb World® Foaming Bath Whip, 100g Kaolin Clay, 30mls Fragrance Oil, 30mls Fractionated Coconut Oil, 30mls Sweet Almond Oil, 30mls, 1 x Liquidyze™ Green Lightening, 1 x Liquidyze Tranquil Terquoise, 100g Gourmet Sprinkles, 8 x 250mls PET Jars and Lids, 1 x piping bag, 1 x Large Star Tip Piping Nozel. 1kg Clear Melt and Pour Base, 1 x Mermaids Tail Silicone Mould

There will be excess ingredients in this kit to make another batch . More Bath Bomb World® Foaming Bath Whip BUY HERE



500g of Bath Bomb World® Foaming Bath Whip Base

1 tbsp Kaolin Clay

15mls Fragrance Oil

10mls Frationated Coconut Oil

15mls Sweet Almond Oil

1 drop Liquidyze™ Tranquil Terquoise

1 drop Liquidyze™ Green Lightening

Sprinkles to decorate

Mermaid Tail Soap Instructions.

Melt the soap base in a pyrex jug at 20 second bursts in the microwave until fully melted. Add a drop or two of your Liquidyze™ colour and carefully pour into your mermaid tail soap mould. Allow to set and unmould. Repeat the process for the amout of tails required

To make your Bath Bomb World® Foaming Unicorn Bath Whip, Place soap base in a large bowl and using a balloon whisk, beat adding fragrance, clay and oils until the soap has become meringue like with stiff silky peaks doubling in size. If you are using more than one colour seperate the whipped soap into batches, add the colour and beat again until the colour is fully incorperated. repeat with the next colour. Place your whip into a piping bag with a large star tip nozel and pipe into jars. Finally decorate with sprinkles and a mermaid tail soap..