Bath Bomb World® Scrubby Bar Soap Kit

Bath Bomb World® Scrubby Bar Soap Kit

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This Kit Includes Makes 10 x 100g Scrubby Massage Bars Soaps

1kg Clear Melt and Pour Base

30mls Fragrance Of Your Choice

30mls Soapdyze™ White

30mils of Rubbing Alcohol

30mls Liquidyze® Of Your Choice

10 Loofah Slices

1 x 4 Cell Massage Bar Silicone Mould



Makes 4 Scrubby Massage Bar Soap

Soak your loofah slices until softened and push into the moulds, allow to fully dry and remove ( the loofah slices are now in shape for use later). Place 200g of soap base in a microwave safe jug and blast at 30 second intervals until fully melted. Add a few drops of white Soapdyze™ and fragrance to the manufactures guidelines. (all fragrances are different so check the usage guides next to the fragrance on our website). Pour into the moulds equally and spritz with the rubbing alcohol to pop the bubbles and now allow to set slightly. Now melt another 200g of soap base and add a few drops of the Liquidyze® colourant. Spritz the setting layers with more rubbing alcohol, as this is going to make sure the two layers stick together. Insert the loofah slices and now pout the melted soap. Spritz with the rubbing alcohol again to pop the bubbles.