Bath Bomb World® Bombdyze® Embed Kit

Bath Bomb World® Bombdyze® Embed Kit

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The Bath Bomb World® Bombdyze Embed Kit will make hundreds of colourful embeds to create amazing bath art and make your bath bombs really pop.

1kg Citric Acid 

1kg Bicarbonate Soda

100g Creme Of Tartar

250mls Witch Hazel 

250mls Sweet Almond Oil

7 x Bombdyze® Colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Pink, Violet

1 x Bath Bomb World® Embed Mould

1 x  Spritz Bottle Nozzle


Please wear gloves as the Bombdyze® colour will stain your hands while mixing.

In a large bowl combine 1 cup bicarb, 1 cup citric, 1tsp creme of tartar , 1tsp sweet almond Oil 1/4 tsp Bombdyze® colour and mix well. Now start spritzing the mix and at this point you will see the colour of the mix pop and become bright. Keep mixing until you have the consistency of damp sand. Press into the mould provided and scrape any excess off the back. Now turn over the mould and with a teaspoon tap out your embeds. Allow to dry on a tray for 24 hours in a dry environment