Bomb World® Lady Marmalade Jelly Mask

Bomb World® Lady Marmalade Jelly Mask

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Orange is rich in vitamin C which is why Bath Bomb World® has created a cool, sweet sticky jam of invigorating and cleansing Lady Marmalade Jelly Mask. The orange peel powder contains citric acid which brightens your skin and gives you a youthful glow accompanied by the sweet fragrance of sweet orange essential oil which is fresh and uplifting. Slap the morning sunshine on your face!

This Kit Includes Makes 14 x 100g Jars of Jelly Mask

1kg Sweet Orange Floral Water

100g Glycerine

100g Propylene Glycol

50g Kaolin

50g Silica

50g Australian Ivory Clay

50g Orange Peel Powder

20g Carrageenan

10mls Sweet Orange Essentail Oil

20g Walnut Ground Walnut Shell

30mls Phenonip Preservative

30mls Liquidyze Atomic Tangerine

14 x 100g PET Jars

NOTE you can also add a few drops of vitamin E to this recipe which is not included in this kit...

The Recipe

500g Sweet Floral Water

50g Glycerine

50g Proplyne Glycol

25g Kaolin

25g Silica

25g Australian Ivory Clay

25g Orange Peel Powder

10g Carrageenan

10g Ground Walnut Shells

3g Sweet Orange Essential Oil

5g Phenonip Preservative

Few Drops of Liquidyze® Atomic Tangerine



in a microwave bowl place the sweet orange floral water, glycerine, propylene glycol and heat until 80 degrees ( it is really important to reach this temperature as if not the mix will start to thicken too soon and you will not be able to acheive a smooth pour into the jars) . Now, add the carrageenan and blitz with a stick blender until smooth. Now, add the kaolin, silica, ivory clay, orange peel powder, ground walnut shell and blitz so everything is well incorporated. Finally, add the essential oil, phenonip preservative, Liquidyze® colour and give one final mix. Pour your jelly mask into the jars and allow to cool overnight. Wibble Wobble!!!!

To use 

Pinch some of your jelly mask with dry hands and blend with your fingers until the jelly becomes a creamy texture. Gently massage into your face and then leave for 10 minutes for the ingredients to do their magic. Finally wash off with warm water to reveal a beautifully nourished, radiant skin.