Bomb World® Shower Gel Bar Kit

Bomb World® Shower Gel Bar Kit

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The Kit Contains - Makes 18 Shower Gel Bars
1 kg Sodium Coco Sulphate Powder
100g BTMS 50
100g Jelly Bomb Powder- Sodium Alginate
50g Cetyl Alcohol
50g Coconut Oil
30mls Witch Hazel
30mls Polysorbate 80
30mls Fragrance Of Your Choice
Lakes Colourant Of Your Choice

500g Sodium Coco Sulphate Powder

50g Jelly Bomb Powder - Sodium Alginate

50g BTMS 50 

25g Cetyl Alcohol

25g Coconut Oil

15 mls Witch Hazel

15mls Fragrance Oil

Lakes Colourant


In a pyrex jug place BTMS 50, cetyl and coconut oil, blast at 30 second intervals in a microwave until melted and clear. In a large bowl place your sodium coco sulphate powder, sodium alginate and lakes colour and mix well. Add you melted ingredints and combine. Add witch hazel, fragrance and polysorbate 80, again combine. You should now have sticky mix.

Squish as much of the mix as you can into your chosen mould and then press down as hard as you can to compress. A hand press works best for this but you can also use a moon press or cookie cutters. If you are wanting to make multi coloured bars then simply devive the batch of mix before adding your colours. Allow to set in a dry place for 48 hours before pakaging.