Bomb Bomb World® Bombdyze® The Big Banana Bath Bomb Kit

Bomb Bomb World® Bombdyze® The Big Banana Bath Bomb Kit

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This Big Banana Bath Bomb Kit recipe contains BBW® LDPE Big Banana Mould .

This Kit Includes..

625g Bicarbonate Of Soda

325g Citric Acid

50g Epsom Salts

20g Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

10g Kaolin Clay

10g Creme of Tarter

10mls Sweet Almond Oil (30mls in Kit)

15mls Banana Fragrance Oil (30mls in Kit)

5mls Polysorbate 80 (30mls in Kit)

Lakes D&C Yellow 10 Colour

Witch Hazel for spritzing

Bath Bomb World® Big Banana Mould


Recipe (which has different wet ingredient amounts from what the kit includes)


For best results grind epsom salts and citric acid in a food processor and then sieve with all dry ingredients into a large bowl making sure there are no lumps.

Mix wet ingredients, 10mls Sweet Almond Oil and 15mls banana fragrance oil 5mls polysorbate 80 in a small glass and mix well then add to your dry ingredients.  It is important that you add the correct amount of liquid so the mix is not too wet, or too dry and holds together, when squeezed, like damp sand. Spray with witch hazel if the mix is too dry..

Add the Lakes colour and mix well until there are no specks present. Push the mix firmly into the mould and with a sharp edge,  make sure the back of the mould is completely flat to avoid cracking. Slap onto you bench and remove the mould. Allow too dry for at least 24-48 hours until your bath bombs are solid.