Bath Bomb World® Solid Conditioner Bar Kit

Bath Bomb World® Solid Conditioner Bar Kit

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This kit contains...

250g Coco Butter

200g BTMS 50

100g Cetyl Alcohol

100g Coconut Oil

30mls Vitamin E

10mls Essential Oil 

30mls Liquidyze® Colourant

1 x 6 Cell Round Silicone Mould


Recipe - Makes 6 x 50g Bars

100g Coco Butter

100g BTMS - 50

50g Cetyl Alcohol

50g Coconut Oil

10 Drops of Vitamin E

Fragrance/Essential Oil

Liquidyze® Colourant


In a microwave safe jug place the coco butter, BTMS - 50, cetyl alcohol and coconut oil,  heat at 30 second blasts until fully melted. Now add your fragrance/essential oil to the manufactures reccomended amounts and 10 drops of vitamin E. Now add 1 or 2 of drops of the Liquidyze® colourant. Pour into a silicone mould and allow to fully harden over night.