Bath Bomb World® Lab Kit Dragon Edition

Bath Bomb World® Lab Kit Dragon Edition

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This Kit Contains - 1x bag of our signature bath premix 3 x Liquidyze® colours 10mls, 30mls fragrance oil, 30mls Polysorbate 80, 30mls sweet almond oil, 30mls witch hazel,  bath bomb moulds, face mask, goggles, gloves, spritz bottle, measuring cup, pipette, spoons and scraper tool - Also every Bath Bomb Lab® Kit comes with a series of science experements to help you understand how a bath bomb works.


Place bag of Bath Bomb World® bath bomb premix in a large bowl and mix well

Add wet ingredients (10mls Sweet Almond Oil, 15mls fragrance oil, 5mls polysorbate 80).  It is important that you add the correct amount of liquid, so the mix is not too wet, or too dry and holds together, when squeezed, like damp sand. If you find your mix too dry, spray with witch hazel included in the kit.

Add colouring to your mix. If you are using more than one colour in your bath bombs, separate the mix into individual batches and then add the colours.

Fill mould with bath bomb mix, pushing down firmly and with the scraper tool provided make sure the back is completely flat, before slapping onto the bench and releasing the bath bomb.

Allow too dry for at least 24-48 hours until your bath bombs are solid.