Bath Bomb World® Bubble Scoop Kit

Bath Bomb World® Bubble Scoop Kit

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Each Kit Contains - 500g sodium bicarbonate, 500g SLSa, 100g cream of tartar, 100g cornstarch, 20g kaolin clay,  250mls glycerine, 30mls fragrance oil of your choice, 30 mls polysorbate 80, 100g coco butter, Lakes colour of your choice. 

Recipe......This kit will make 20 bubble bar scoops

Dry Ingredients

450g Sodium Bicarbonate
450g SLSA
100g Cream of Tartare
100g Corn starch
20g Kaolin Clay
1tsp Lakes Colour Of Your Choice

Wet Ingredients

200mls Glycerine (keep a bit more to hand just in case the mix is too dry due to weather conditions)
80mls Coco Butter Melted
10mls Polysorbate 80
30mls Fragrance Oil (fragrance oils with vanilla will discolour your finished product over time)

You will need an icecream scoop which is not included in this kit

Guys the first thing we recommend is to wear a mask as this recipe involves lots of light powder that will make you cough.

Sift all your dry ingredients into a bowl, then in a jug incorporate your melted coco butter, glycerine, fragrance oil and polysorbate 80 mix well until you have a thick runny consistency, this is important to get the perfect dough like consistency. 

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients until just coming together (I use a stand mixer at this point but don’t worry if you don’t have one a normal whisk and elbow grease will be just fine. You should now have the consistency of a moist dough that is pliable like modelling clay and doesn’t crack when rolled. 

If you are using more than one colour separate the mix and add your mica colours to the portions until fully incorporated . On a sheet of grease proof paper sprinkle with a little bicarb like you would with flour on a surface when rolling dough and place the first colour (the outer colour of your bubble bar) and cover with another piece of grease proof paper. Roll out into a rectangle until about ¼ inch thick.  

Now place your next colour on top of the first and cover the bottom colour until fully covered. Place greaseproof paper back on top and roll again. Repeat until all your chosen colours are layered. 

Remove the top sheet of greaseproof and start to tightly roll the dough into a log, smoothing as you go along until you have a perfect log with no cracks and is smooth. slightly pushing the ends so the log is equal

Measure how many slices you are going to cut equally and discard the trimmed end pieces(theses are yours ;0)).  Push each slice into a icecream scoop and then press to release 48-72 hours