Bath Bomb World® Blueberry Crumble Face Cake Mask Kit

Bath Bomb World® Blueberry Crumble Face Cake Mask Kit

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Bath Bomb World® Blueberry Crumble Face Cake Mask, containing blueberry juice powder, which is fantastic for the skin as it is stuffed full of vitamin A, C and E plus other antioxidants which helps with collagen production. it adds glow and softness.  Antioxidents may protect the skin against skin cell damage, thus reducing the signes of ageing. Couple this with buttermilk which acts as a moisturiser will leave your face feeling and smelling caketastic!! 

This Kit Contains...

500mls Floral Water

300g Ivory Clay

100mls Vegetable Glycerine

50g Buttermilk Powder

30mls Blueberry Cobbler Fragrance Oil

30mls Apricot Kernel Oil

30mls Phenonip Preservative

30mls Violet Soapdyze®

5g Blueberry Juice Powder

8 x 50g Mask Pots

NOTE you can also add a few drops of vitamin E to this recipe which is not included in this kit...


The Recipe

300g Ivory Clay

200mls Floral Water

100mls Vegetable Glycerine

40g Butermilk Powder

10mls Apricot Kernal Oil

5mls Blueberry Cobbler Fragrance Oil

2g Blueberry Juice Powder

2g Phenonip Preservative

Few Drops of Soapdyze® Violet

8 x Mask which hold 75g of product


In a bowl, place the dry ingredients, clay, buttermilk powder, blueberry juice powder and combine. Now add the wet ingredients, floral water, vegetable glycerine, apricot kernal oil, fragrance oil and phenonip preservative. Mix well until you have a thick paste. Depending on your environment you can adjust with the extra clay to make the mask thicker or the floral water to make the mask more slack. Add a few drops of soapdyze® until you reach the desired colour. Decant into your jars.