Bath Bomb Kit Liquidyze™

Bath Bomb Kit Liquidyze™

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This Kit Contains - 1x bag of our signature bath pre mix  3 x Liquidyze™ colours blue/yellow/pink, 30mls fragrance oil of your choice, 30mls Polysorbate 80, 30mls sweet almond oil, 30 mls witch hazel, 1 x 63mls stainless steel bath bomb mould, face mask, gloves, spritz bottle

Liquidyze™ Are water soluble dye thich will give you pastel shades in your bath bomb and amazing water colour. We have added three colours into this kit which when mixed will make many different colours, so get experimenting!

Note, There will be excess wet ingredients of  fragrance oil, sweet almond, polysorbate 80, whitch hazel and Lakes power colour for future use. To order more bath bomb mix and make another 7-8 63cm bath bombs for only 12.95  CLICK HERE



Place one bag of bath bomb premix in a large bowl and mix well

    Add wet ingredients as indicated on our website(10mls Sweet Almond Oil,  15mls fragrance oil , 5mls polysorbate 80).  It is important that you add the correct amount of liquid so the mix is not too wet, or too dry and holds together, when squeezed, like damp sand. If you find your mix too dry, spray with witch hazel included in the kit.

    1. Add colouring to your mix.If you are using more than one colour in your bath bombs, separate the mix into individual batches and then add the colours.
    2. Add inbeds if using them and fill each side of your moulds with mix until overflowing, making sure not to press and fill too firmly, as this will make your bath bombs sink when placed into the water
    3. Allow too dry for at least 24-48 hours until your bath bombs are solid.